Wood & Laminate Flooring

Custom hardwood

Create your own signature style with eFloor’s custom hardwood floor finishing services. We offer a myriad of finishing options in wide-plank hardwood flooring, including a variety of widths, thicknesses and colours. For more detailed information please click here.

Hardwood services include:

  • Custom species selection
  • Solid or engineered construction
  • Custom-cut plank widths
  • Colour and finish options (urethane, oil or water-based)
  • Finishing touches (e.g. brushed, distressed, etc.)

Natural Hardwood Flooring

The richness of a natural hardwood floor can add warmth and charm to any room. Today’s hardwood floors come in more species, widths and colours than ever before, and are more durable. With proper care and cleaning, hardwood floors can last longer than a lifetime, adding value to your home.

Solid Wood Floors (prefinished and unfinished)

Solid wood planks can be cut from a tree as a solid piece of wood and can vary in widths from 2 1/4" to about 12"; plank thickness can vary from 7/16" to about 3/4".


  • Wood floors are a natural and non-allergenic product
  • Easy to clean and maintain (can be refinished if scratched or dented)
  • Solid wood floors come in a variety of widths, species, colours

Best Applications

  • Residential interiors
  • Retail stores, other commercial applications
Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a wood floor alternative made of a thin layer of real hardwood over core layers of fiberboard. The product is especially effective over concrete floors or a heated floor system.


  • Laminate floors can be glued, stapled, nailed down or floated on all grade levels
  • Less prone to humidity-induced warping and shrinkage than hardwood
  • Can install floor heating underneath
  • Can be re-sanded and refinished like hardwood (up to 2-3 times)
  • Can be installed directly over concrete floors, whereas hardwood flooring requires a plywood sub-floor

Best Applications

  • Residential interiors: ideal for hallways, common areas, bedrooms and kitchens
  • Commercial and public areas, including retail spaces, offices, shopping malls, and churches

Laminate is a synthetic multi-layer product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood, stone, or with a photographic appliqué layer under a clear protective layer; with its inner core being composed of melamine resin and fibre board materials.

Laminate is a widely popular flooring option, as it is simple to install and maintain, combined with being highly durable. Additionally, laminate is less expensive than hardwood.


  • Laminate floors are extremely resistant to impact, scratch, sunlight fade and stains.
  • Planks either click or snap-fit locks; glue adhesion is not used
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Best Applications

  • Residential interiors (ideal for basements, entryways and high-traffic areas)
  • Condominiums
  • Offices, shopping malls, retail spaces